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Inside Outside Communications Foundation (IOC), a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization Tax ID # 30-0183529, is sponsoring its annual Officer Jerome Divinity’s Warm Coat Giveaway. We are proud of Officer Divinity. Please read his story and make a donation to this wonderful program.

In December 2009, while monitoring pedestrian traffic near an elementary school, I was stunned when I observed several children walking to school in the depth of winter without appropriate cold weather attire … they were not wearing coats. Some mornings the temperature was so cold that I could see their little bodies shivering as they hurried to get to the warmth of their classroom. I noticed at least a third of the children not wearing jackets or coats. I asked some students why they were not wearing coats and their answers shocked me and nearly brought me to tears. What do you say to a child when he tells you that he has never owned a coat, or when a little girl tells you that it’s her sister’s day to wear the coat? To make matters worse, it was raining hard that particular day and the little girl was shivering uncontrollably. Undoubtedly, she was in no condition to sit and focus in class, still drenched wet and cold.

Without hesitation, I contacted the school principal, Mr. Andre Cunningham, at 74th Street Elementary School. I asked if he and his staff would identify 80 students at their school who were in need of coats. Mr. Cunningham asked why and if I was serious. After explaining my observation of the children and the impact it had on me, I told Mr. Cunningham that my conscience would not allow me to stand by and watch children walk to school each day in cold and wet weather with no coats and not do anything to help. That year, I personally purchased 160 new warm coats for the students: 80 coats were given to students at 74th Street Elementary School and 80 coats to students and Normandie Avenue Elementary School. Over the past six years, I have been doing this program in South Los Angeles and I will continue. Just to see the smiles on their little faces and the gratitude in their eyes has been worth its weight in gold.

It has been a joy to team with IOC to bring you this program. The success of the “Warm Coat Giveaway” has truly been overwhelming. We have distributed 3,600 warm coats to grade school students to date. Our goal is to purchase 1,000 warm coats for students this year. It is with the support of caring and compassion people like you that we can make this happen!

All donations are 100% tax deductible. Thank you for making a difference and partnering with the Officer Divinity Warm Coat Giveaway Program.

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